Class-1 Maths, Science and English Syllabus Pattern

Maths Pattern

1.    Integers

  • Introduction
  • Recall
  • Properties Of Addition And Subtraction Of Integers
  • Multiplication Of Integers
  • Properties Of Multiplication Of Integers
  • Division Of Integers
  • Properties Of Division Of Integers

2.    Fraction And Decimals

  • How Well Have You Learnt About Decimal Numbers
  • Multiplication Of Decimal Numbers
  • Division Of Decimal Numbers
  • Introduction
  • How Well Have You Learnt About Fractions?
  • Multiplication Of Fractions
  • Division Of Fractions

3.    Data Handling

  • Introduction
  • Collecting Data
  • Organisation Of Data
  • Representative Values
  • Arithmetic Mean
  • Mode
  • Median
  • Use Of Bar Graphs With A Different Purpose
  • Chance And Probability

4.    Simple Equations

  • A Mind-Reading Game!
  • Setting Up Of An Equation
  • Review Of What We Know
  • What Equation Is?
  • More Equations
  • From Solution To Equation
  • Applications Of Simple Equations To Practical Situations

5.    Lines And Angles

  • Introduction
  • Related Angles
  • Pairs Of Lines
  • Checking For Parallel Lines

6.    The Triangle And Its Properties

  • Introduction
  • Medians Of A Triangle
  • Altitudes Of A Triangle
  • Exterior Angle Of A Triangle And Its Property
  • Angle Sum Property Of A Triangle
  • Two Special Triangles : Equilateral And Isosceles
  • Sum Of The Lengths Of Two Sides Of A Triangle
  • Right-Angled Triangles And Pythagoras Property

7.    Congruence Of Triangles

  • Introduction
  • Congruence Of Plane Figures
  • Congruence Among Line Segments
  • Congruence Of Angles
  • Congruence Of Triangles
  • Criteria For Congruence Of Triangles
  • Congruence Among Right-Angled Triangles

8.    Comparing Quantities

  • Introduction
  • Equivalent Ratios
  • Percentage Another Way Of Comparing Quantities
  • Use Of Percentages
  • Prices Related To An Item Or Buying And Selling
  • Charge Given On Borrowed Money Or Simple Interest

9.    Rational Numbers

  • Introduction
  • Need For Rational Numbers
  • What Are Rational Numbers?
  • Positive And Negative Rational Numbers
  • Rational Numbers On A Number Line
  • Rational Numbers In Standard Form
  • Comparison Of Rational Numbers
  • Rational Numbers Between Two Rational Numbers
  • Operations On Rational Numbers

10. Practical Geometry

  • Introduction
  • Construction Of A Line Parallel To A Given Line, Through A Point Not On The Line
  • Construction Of Triangles
  • Constructing A Triangle When The Lengths Of Its Three Sides Are Known (Sss Criterion)
  • Constructing A Triangle When The Lengths Of Two Sides And The Measure Of The Angle Between Them Are Known. (Sas Criterion)
  • Constructing A Triangle When The Measures Of Two Of Its Angles And The Length Of The Side Included Between Them Is Given. (Asa Criterion)
  • Constructing A Right-Angled Triangle When The Length Of One Leg And Its Hypotenuse Are Given (Rhs Criterion)

11. Perimeter And Area

  • Introduction
  • Squares And Rectangles
  • Area Of A Parallelogram
  • Area Of A Triangle
  • Circles
  • Conversion Of Units
  • Applications

12. Algebraic Expression

  • Introduction
  • How Are Expressions Formed?
  • Terms Of An Expression
  • Like And Unlike Terms
  • Monomials, Binomials, Trinomials And Polynomials
  • Addition And Subtraction Of Algebraic Expressions
  • Finding The Value Of An Expression
  • Using Algebraic Expressions Formulas And Rules

13. Exponents Or Powers

  • Introduction
  • Exponents
  • Laws Of Exponents
  • Miscellaneous Examples Using The Laws Of Exponents
  • Decimal Number System
  • Expressing Large Numbers In The Standard Form

14. Symmetry

  • Introduction
  • Lines Of Symmetry For Regular Polygons
  • Rotational Symmetry
  • Line Symmetry And Rotational Symmetry

15. Visualizing Solid Shapes

o  Introduction: Plane Figures And Solid Shapes

o  Faces, Edges And Vertices

o  Nets For Building 3-D Shapes

o  Drawing Solids On A Flat Surface

o  Viewing Different Sections Of A Solid

o  A Third Way Is By Looking At It From Certain Angles To Get Different Views

Science Pattern

1.    Nutrition In Plants

  • Mode Of Nutrition In Plants
  • Photosynthesis - Food Making Process In Plants
  • Other Modes Of Nutrition In Plants
  • Saprotrophs
  • How Nutrients Are Replenished In The Soil

2.    Nutrition In Animals

  • Different Ways Of Taking Food
  • Digestion In Humans
  • Digestion In Grass Rass - Eating Animals
  • Feeding And Digestion In Amoeba

3.    Fibre To Fabric

  • Wool

4.    Heat

  • Hot And Cold
  • Measuring Temperature
  • Laboratory Thermometer
  • Transfer Of Heat
  • Kinds Of Clothes We Wear In Summer And Winter

5.    Acids, Bases And Salts

  • Acids And Bases
  • Natural Indicator Around Us
  • Neutralisation
  • Neutralisations In Everyday Life

6.    Physical And Chemical Changes

  • Physical Changes
  • Chemical Change
  • Rusting Of Iron
  • Crystallisation

7.    Weather, Climate And Adaptations Of Animals To Climate

  • Weather
  • Climate
  • Climate And A Adaptation

8.    Winds, Storms And Cyclones

  • Air Exerts P Pressure
  • High Speed Winds Are Accompanied By Reduced Air Pressure
  • Air Expands On Heating
  • Wind Currents Are Generated Due To Uneven Heating On The Earth
  • Thunderstorms And Cyclones
  • Destruction Caused By Cyclones
  • Effective Safety Measures
  • Advanced Technology Has Helped

9.    Soil

  • Soil Teeming With Life
  • Soil Profile
  • Soil Types
  • Properties Of Soil
  • Moisture In Soil
  • Absorption Of Water By Soil
  • Soil And Crops

10. Respiration In Organisms

  • Why Do We Respire
  • Breathing
  • How Do We Breathe?
  • What Do We Breathe Out?
  • Breathing In Other Animals
  • Breathing Under Water
  • Do Plants Also Respire?

11. Transportation In Animals And Plants

  • Circulatory System
  • Excretion In Animals
  • Transport Of Substances In Plants

12. Reproduction In Plants

  • Modes Of Reproduction
  • Sexual Reproduction
  • Fruits And Seed Formation
  • Seed Dispersal

13. Motion And Time

  • Slow Or Fast
  • Speed
  • Measurement Of Time
  • Measuring Speed
  • Distance-Time Graph

14. Electric Current And Its Effects

  • Symbols Of Electric Components
  • Heating Effect Of Electric Current
  • Magnetic Effect Of Electric Current
  • Electromagnet
  • Electric Bell

15. Light

  • Light Travels Along A Straight Line
  • Reflection Of Light
  • Right Or Left!
  • Playing With Spherical Mirrors
  • Images Formed By Lenses
  • Sunlight White Or Coloured?

16. Wastewater Story

  • Water, Our Lifeline
  • What Is Sewage?
  • Water Freshens Up An Eventful Journey
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • Better House Keeping Practices
  • Sanitation And Disease
  • Alternative Arrangement For Sewage Disposal
  • Sanitation At Public Places

17. Water: A Precious Resource

  • How Much Water Is Available
  • Forms Of Water
  • Groundwater As An Important Source Of Water
  • Depletion Of Water Table
  • Distribution Of Water
  • Water Management
  • What Role You Can Play
  • Effect Of Water Scarcity On Plants

18. Forests: Our Lifeline

  • Visit To A Forest


English Pattern

1.    Nouns

  • Proper And Common Nouns
  • Collective,Abstract And Compound Nouns
  • Singular And Plural Nouns
  • Possessive Nouns
  • The Indefinite Article And Nouns
  • The Definite Article And Nouns

2.    Pronouns

  • Personal Pronouns
  • Possessive Pronouns
  • Reflexive And Emphatic Pronouns

3.    Verbs

  • Action And Linking Verbs
  • Transitive And Intransitive Verbs
  • Phrasal Verbs

4.    Tenses

  • Introduction To Tenses
  • The Simple Tense
  • Using The Simple Tense
  • The Continuous Tense
  • Using The Continuous Tense
  • Present And Past Perfect Tenses, And Their Uses

5.    Voice

  • Active And Passive Voices

6.    Adjectives

  • Adjectives Of Qualityes, Quantityes And Number
  • Possessive Adjectives
  • The Positive, Comparative And Superlative Forms Of Adjectives

7.    Adverbs

  • Adverbs Of Manner And Degree
  • Adverbs Of Time And Frequencyes
  • Adverbs Of Place

8.    Sentence And Phrase

  • Difference Between A Sentence And A Phrase
  • The Subject And Predicate Of A Sentence

9.    Subject-Verb Agreement

  • Subject-Verb Agreement Rules

10. Reported Speech

  • Introduction To Reported Speech
  • Reported Statements
  • Reported Commands
  • Reported Questions
  • Conversion Of Tenses
  • Changes In The Expressions Of Time

11. Framing Questions

  • Wh- Questions
  • Yes-No Questions

12. Prepositions

  • Introduction To Prepositions
  • Prepositions Of Time
  • Prepositions Of Place, Position Or Location
  • Prepositions Of Direction Or Movement
  • Other Relations Shown Byes Prepositions

13. Conjunction

  • Introduction To Conjunctions
  • Common Conjunctions 1
  • Common Conjunctions 2

14. Punctuations

  • Introduction To Punctuations
  • Punctuation Marks 1
  • Punctuation Marks 2
  • Punctuation Marks 3

15. Passage Reading

  • Passage Reading

16. Poem Reading

  • Poem Reading

17. Writing A Notice

  • Writing A Notice

18. Dialogue Writing

  • Dialogue Writing

19. Letter Writing

  • Letter Writing

20. Article Writing

  • Article Writing

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